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CT1 Anaesthetics Interview Overview

The CT1 anaesthetic interview lasts 45 minutes and consists of three stations. The clinical and presentation interviews last 10 minutes and the portfolio station lasts 20 minutes. Each station is designed to assess the selection criteria on the person specification.
In addition individual deaneries/UoAs are able to supplement the above three standardised stations with additional, locally preferred stations. If used, these will be designed to test attributes described in the national person specification. If UoAs choose to adopt local stations, it is expected that applicants would be informed of this and the attributes that are being tested.

All stations will be staffed by two interviewers (consultants from the interviewing region), each of whom will award you a mark on each of the aspects on which you are being assessed.

CT1 anaesthetic interviews are held in each respective deanery from Late December to Early February.

The stations for the 2021 CT1 Anaesthetic Interviews are:

The Venue and Dates

Applicants will make a single application to their first preference deanery, with the opportunity to rank all other deaneries for consideration during the clearing process. Interviews will take place in the chosen deanery and each deanery interviews on a slightly different date within the Jan-Feb interview window.


Your performance in each station will be scored out of 40 using a structured scoring system. The scores from each station will be combined to give an overall score out of 120. Your ranking will be based on your overall score against all other candidates.

After completion of the interview you will receive both an overall score out of 120 and a break down of individual score out of 40 for each station via the ORIEL website. You will be informed of your rank compared with other candidates and an offer will be made if your rank is sufficient.

The Deaneries

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