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Anaesthetic Interview Presentation Station


Presentation – 10 minutes (5 minutes delivery, 5 minutes questions)

This station gives you an opportunity to demonstrate how you can perform, with an associated time pressure, to prepare and deliver a presentation. Topics are carefully chosen so that this exercise tests the delivery of a presentation in challenging circumstances rather than being a pure test of knowledge.
You will be given the presentation topic on the day and will be given 10 minutes to prepare your presentation.

Assessors will score you against the following domains:
• Communication
• Working under pressure
• Organisation and planning

Scoring is done independently by two assessors.

Top Tips

You will receive the presentation topic on the day of your interview. You will be given 10 minutes on the day to prepare the presentation.

The station is designed to test how you deal with pressure and devise a way to produce an engaging presentation in a short period of time

Our Question Bank features a comprehensive guide to structuring and presenting in a way that will score you maximum points.

Assessment at station 3 is underpinned by the principles of GMC Good Medical Practice. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with this prior to interview.

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